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BMT BERKAH Empowering the Poor

A.   Introduction

Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil Bersama Kita Berkah ( BMT BKB ) is the empowerment of the poor through the provision of venture capital assistance, coaching and business coaching, spiritual poor expected after getting help with venture capital, business mentoring and coaching to develop spiritual well materially and spiritually and so on is expected to be a successful micro-entrepreneurs.

BMT BKB was founded from high anxiety and concern to the poor that much debt incurred with the loan sharks with interest system very suffocating between 20 percent to 30 percent per month as well as around the banks with interest reaching 7 percent with compound interest system.

Poverty condition make dignity blame-worthiness the poor as humans are completely ignored. They often get the unfair from elsewhere, including the government. Limitations information making someone poor not knowing her rights. Though they know his rights, they have no bargaining position strong to demand when its rights violated. Poor people also received treatment unjust laws.

In 2010, according to the BPS household poor in Jakarta city administration accounts for 160.480 families or 624.000 of the soul. Not to mention the public urban coming from various regions that has not been registered, that live in a rented house with the business of selling vegetables, meatballs, the noodles, jamu pickaback, batagor, siomay, ketropak and others scattered throughout Jakarta reaching hundreds of thousands. Some of them, others were being coolie building, coolie market ojek, the driver bajaj, repairmen parkir and partly many who is unemployed.

Their lives were very much dependent with the result of business sometimes only simple enough to eat. Many of them who as a child more than three. To meet expenses school, health and necessaries sudden other they borrow money into rentenir and bank roving with flowers very high. To cover the debt, usually they were looking for lending to other rentenir, cover a hole dug a pit so that their lives wound around a debt.

BMT BKB trying to continue to lift dignity of life in poor, with the financial condition of being very limited BMT BKB continue to struggle mightily to condolences condolences raised harkat dignity of the poor can be achieved in accordance with the programme. For that cooperation with various parties, both individuals and institutions have to walk as well as possible that the program pemberdayaan fakir poor can walk in accordance with that which was expected.

B.   Vision and Mission

1.  Vision

To become an institution coaching and empowerment of poor trustful, innovative and professional in accordance with the principles of Islamic economy.

2.  Mission

1. Develop for business development and empowerment of the poor

2. Run and widespread Islamic economy

3. Have resources insani professional and devotion

4. Prosper Stake Holder

5. Develop  awareness and manage zakat Tithe for the poor Economic Empowerment

Value :  Proficient and trustful

C.   Organization Structure

The organizational structure attached

D.   Legality

Deed of notary public H. Rizul Sudarmadi, SH. 22 July 2010 number: – 90 –

And approved by the Department of cooperatives, micro, small and medium enterprises And Jakarta Trade number: 146/BH/XII/4-1.829.31/XII/2010

E.    Program Identification

1.  Name program industry empowerment and development of poor

2. The program Jakarta solid area South and East Jakarta

3. Organization executives and management of :

a. The implementing Organization          : BMT BKB

b. Address                                                         : JL. Asem Baris Raya a. 13 Kebon Baru,

.                                                                                Tebet Jakarta Selatan 12830

c. Banks                                                             : BANK SYARIAH MANDIRI

d. No. Account                                                : 702.052.8227

e. On behalf of                                                 : BMT Bersama Kita Berkah

f. Telephone                                                     : (021) 83787289

g. Fax                                                                : (021) 83787290

h. E-mail                                                         : BMTBKB@ymail.com

i. Caretaker                                                    : Drs. Ali Sibromalisi, MA

j. Position                                                        : Chairman of the Board

F.    Experience

BMT BKB experience for 2 years did the empowerment of the poor has experienced significant growth every year. December 2012 BMT BKB has served, nurture and provide working capital of three billion more or about 2000 more poor that has helped is powered by BMT BKB. Expected with the help of donor agencies, the two years 2000 poor again assisted can be built and working capital to a better life.

G.   Program Description

1.  The purpose

Improve the standard of living as well as poor families through increased business and income as well as the ability to be traders who berahlakul karimah

2.  Major activity

Provide venture capital financing and construction management as well as the construction of the spiritual.

3.  Results to be achieved :

a)  Increase efforts so that the Ability to have the formidable competitiveness

b)  Its business revenue rose

c)  In General can increase the well-being of her family which include education, health, welfare and food clothing

d)  Have a good understanding of religion by running what he commands and steer clear of all the restriction and had a ahklak mulya

e)  Join the alleviate poverty

H.   Indication of Success

1.  Income increases

2.  Sales volume increased business

3.  Ability educate children – his son

4.  The health awake with to the doctor

5.  Families of pillars and prosperous

I.     Financing and Management Strategy

1.  This Program is a tiered program as well as the gradual and continuous until the object really has coaching can improve his business

2.  This Program is carried out a period of 2 years

3.  First stage, providing venture capital financing amounting to Rp. until RP.1.000.000,-     until Rp. 2,000,000,- for 6 months

4.  Second stage, providing venture capital financing amounting to Rp. 3,000,000,-until       Rp. 5.000.000,-for 6 months or 1 year

5.  The third stage is the provision of venture capital financing amounting to USD     6,000,000,- until Rp. 10,000, 000,- tailored to the needs of over 1 year and up to 2      years

J.    Financing System

1.  The financing of the first phase of the qhardhul Hasan system of financing without for      results

2.  Second phase of Financing and so on using the system cooperation (for results) where   the calculation for business results based on the profit/net income earned and   previously determined proportions for the first result (Ratio)

3.  Financing provided through Individual financing approach

K.   Development

1.  The construction is carried out regularly every week or every month and

2.  The coaching Material includes Business Management simple and spiritual quality           improvement materials

3.  Coaching is conducted by officers of the BMT, the scholars and other experts

4.  Coaching is done in a group or congregation

5.  Religious and entrepreneurial Coaching is done once a month per-group or in     Congregation in the mosque through the program payroll and other ceremonial events

L.    Monitoring

Process monitoring and control program conducted every week by field officers, conducted in conjunction with the meeting time & amp; weekly coaching members, then reported his progress to be evaluated by the parties or the insurer’s management program.

M.  Budget Necessary

The funds needed is Rp.,- (one billion dollars). It is assumed by the existence of these funds can finance as much as 1000 poor assuming its cost of Rp. 1,000,000,- Up to 10 million

N.   Final Conclusion

Economic conditions like this now, the role of our much-needed real in helping the poor. A drop of dew would provide coolness controversy because hearts poverty. Not for the lazy or the absence of passion will attempt, but because of the conditions and situations that made them that way. A drop of dew that continuously flows down slowly, will pump up their passion toward a better life. Best Wishes …

Attachment :

Organization Arrangement of BMT BKB

Builder                                      : H. Harris Thahir

Syariah Supervisory            : DR. Zain Sartono

DR. Hamdam Rashid

Management Supervisor     : IR. H. Engkus Kusnandar, MA

Executive Board

Board Chairman                    : Drs. Ali Sibromalisi, MA

Secretary                                 : Drs. H. Heriyanto

Treasurer                                 : Bisri, SE


Director                                    : Drs. Sulaeman Hayyun

Mgr Financing                       : Bisri, SE

Mgr Finance                            : Suaibatul Aslamiyah

Account Officer

  • Fatoni Dwi Rahmanto
  • Ahmad Subhan
  • Anwar Syarief
  • Muhamad Rasyid Fadly


  • Dwi Ristiyani, Amd. Kom
  • Wahda Syarifah

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